Could Chao survive the Warrior Season 3 finale cliffhanger?

Now you've had a chance to binge-watch all three seasons of Warrior, it's time to break down that ending. Is there any chance Chao could survive?
Warrior Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/WarnerMedia
Warrior Season 2 -- Courtesy of David Bloomer/WarnerMedia /

Warrior is officially on Netflix. You need to binge-watch all three seasons to make sure this series is saved. It certainly deserves it, and the way the third season ends will definitely confirm that.

Caution: We’re going into major spoilers for the Warrior Season 3 finale ending

The third season brought a lot of development for various characters. One of those was Chao, who decided to go against a few things that he wanted to help get some not-so-innocent people out of Chinatown.

It looks like it cost him his life. It was at the hands of the former head of Fung Hai, who hadn’t been seen since escaping prison back in the Season 2 finale. That was one of those moments that needs a Season 4 to really pay off, but it was a great surprise return at the very end after spending all season wondering where he was.

Can Chao survive the stabbing in Warrior?

The question is whether Chao could even survive that attack. He was alone at the train station. It doesn’t look like there’s anyone else around, and he didn’t exactly make a loud noise to alert any clerk who could be inside. So, it would suggest that he bleeds out and isn’t around for Warrior Season 4.

But this is a series that isn’t great at killing off its main characters. So, that would suggest that Chao survives somehow. There is a chance that someone at the train station finds him and manages to get him some help. Maybe he just survives long enough to get word out that Fung Hai’s former leader is out for revenge.

I just can’t see how it could realistically happen in a show that is set in the late 19th century. Without the medical knowledge and capabilities that we have now, it doesn’t seem like he’d be able to survive. Even if he is stitched up, there’s sure to be a serious infection.

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Warrior is available to stream on Netflix.