5 best female friendships in Outlander

There aren't too many positive female friendships in Outlander, but there are some to root for. Here are the five best.
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Outlander Season 6 2022
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Brianna Fraser MacKenzie and Marsali McKimmie Fraser

It took a while for Bree and Marsali to finally meet. When they did, it was everything we hoped for. The two hit it off well.

Marsali never felt threatened having Jamie’s adult daughter turn up. This was despite her looking at Jamie as a father. By this point, she’d even started looking at Claire as a mother figure. Marsali was just happy to welcome another person into the family and have a sister to bond with, as that’s what they have become.

The best moment was Marsali realizing that Bree was pregnant before Bree had told anyone. It’s just a shame that we haven’t had a chance to see more of them together as shows need to offer these strong, positive female friendships.

Outlander Season 2 2016
Outlander Season 2 -- Courtesy of STARZ /

Claire Fraser and Mother Hildegarde

There are high chances that you never thought Claire and Mother Hildegarde would become close in Outander Season 2. And yet, they became one of the best partnerships in the series.

Mother Hildegarde understandably didn’t trust Claire’s abilities at L’Hopital at first. She didn’t know Claire, and so, she had Claire help and watched her along the way. This led to her realizing that Claire did know her stuff.

The two were able to form a bond. Claire respected Mother Hildegarde’s position, but she also made it clear that she could do tasks that were usually left to men. A major moment in this came when Mother Hildegarde broke the law by baptizing Faith, who was stillborn. That was her love for Claire. If only we could see her again.