When does Belgravia: The Next Chapter premiere (and what is it about)?

Belgravia: The Next Chapter is just one historical drama to check out in 2024. Here's everything you need to know about the premiere date.
Belgravia: The Next Chapter - l-r: Fletcher played by Liam Garrigan and Davison played by Elaine Cassidy
Belgravia: The Next Chapter - l-r: Fletcher played by Liam Garrigan and Davison played by Elaine Cassidy /

Are you ready for another chapter in the Belgravia story? Of course you are. And that’s why you want to know everything you can about Belgravia: The Next Chapter.

This series has a whole new cast, but it is a continuation of the original story. While the original series followed Julian Fellowes’s novel of the same name, the continuation picks up the story of Frederick Trenchard and his new love interest, Clara Dunn.

We’re in 1871, and Frederick is completely unaware that his birth is due to an affair between Susan and John Bellasis. It led to a troubled childhood, despite him being the third Lord Trenchard, and this is going to cause a few problems for his marriage to Clara, a woman he wants to be with rather than something purely arranged.

When will Belgravia: The Next Chapter premiere?

The series premieres very soon. You’ll get to watch the first episode on Sunday, Jan. 14 on MGM+. Yes, you’ll need the streaming platform if you want to watch it, although this is a great chance to watch The Winter King if you missed it.

Episodes will air Sundays on the streamer.

Did you happen to miss the original 2020 limited series? Well, there is some excellent news. You’ll be able to watch the entire series for free on MGM+ from Sunday, Dec. 31 to Thursday, Feb. 29, 2024. This will give you time to check out all episodes and see just why you need to watch the follow-up series.

By the way, this was the show that The Last Kingdom actor Toby Regbo wanted to talk about during The Kingdom 2023 but couldn’t due to the SAG strikes. While it’s not a SAG show, a lot of actors stood in solidarity of their American counterparts.

Belgravia: The Next Chapter premieres on Sunday, Jan. 14 on MGM+ at 9/8c. Get the streamer with Amazon Channels.