3 actors added to Outlander Season 8 from Book 9 storylines

Outlander Season 8 will jump into Book 9 storylines. The three new actors joining the series all have prominent storylines in Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone.
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Outlander Season 8 will bring some storylines from Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone. That’s clear from the recent casting announcement for the series.

World Outlander Day was a big moment for fans. We finally got the premiere date for Outlander Season 7B. (That’s Friday, Nov. 22, by the way). There was also the announcement of three actors joining Outlander Season 8.

The casting makes it clear that we’ll get some Book 9 storylines. That’s not surprising considering the seventh season is including some storylines from the eighth book, Written in My Own Heart’s Blood. The casting also isn’t surprising considering how big of a role these characters play.

Kieran Bew and Frances Tomelty will play the Cunninghams

I did wonder if Outlander would have time for the Cunninghams storyline. I really wanted to see it, although I do think some of the storylines will be changed. Amy McCallum isn’t as big of a character in the TV series, and we haven’t been introduced to Bobby Higgins for their storyline linked to Elspeth Cunningham to play her big role at a certain point.

Regardless, the two do play an important role for some conflict on the Ridge, and we’ll need that with the Christies gone.

Kieran Bew, who you’ll know from Warrior, will take on the role of Captain Charles Cunningham. He’s a retired British soldier who is firmly on the side of the Crown in the war. Of course, that puts him at odds with Jamie Fraser, who is firmly on the side of the Patriots.

Frances Tomelty will play Elspeth Cunningham, Charles’s mother. Elspeth doesn’t like Claire, partly because she’s Catholic but partially because she’s a healer. However, there is a beautiful moment between the two of them, that offers each other some understanding of who they really are. Elspeth also becomes important in warning Jamie of something her son is up to.

Amaranthus Grey will be in Outlander Season 8

Another character I wondered about after reading Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone was Amaranthus Grey. Yes, with the surname Grey, I’m sure you can figure out that she is somehow related to Lord John Grey. I’m not going to give away how that is in this post. I’ll have a post dedicated to who Amaranthus is soon.

Amaranthus is important in William’s storyline. She’ll be played by Carla Woodcock in the finale season of Outlander.

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