What is A Gentleman in Moscow on Paramount+ about?

Get ready to step inside another story of the past with A Gentleman in Moscow. Here's a look at what to expect in the new Paramount+ series.

"A Gentleman In Moscow" New York Premiere
"A Gentleman In Moscow" New York Premiere / Gotham/GettyImages

You know all about the fall of Tsar Nicholas II of Russia. What about the aftermath for the remaining members of the upper class? That’s something A Gentleman in Moscow gives us a look at.

After the Revolution in Russia in 1918, everything changed for the people of the country. The Upper Class soon found themselves no longer without titles and estates. Some of them had no idea what to expect as they returned from other countries, and those already in Russia had no choice but to go along with the new normal.

A Gentleman in Moscow is the title of the 2016 novel by Amor Towles. This is the basis for the new Paramount+ series. While it does bring up a serious topic, it is a comedic telling of the story with Ewan McGregor in the lead role.

What is A Gentleman in Moscow about?

The series follows Count Alexander Ilyich Rostov. He was in Paris at the time of the October Revolution, but now he’s returned to Russia. Everything has changed for the people of the country, as Alexander is about to find out.

When he gets home, he learns that he has no title and no estate. Everything has been seized, and he is banished to an attic room in a hotel. He isn’t allowed to leave while he awaits his Bolshevik trial.

While he remains in the hotel, he gets to know the many guests there. This is a chance for him to learn more about life and the important things in said life. He gets to realize that materialistic items aren’t everything they seem to be when replaced with love and companionship.

The novel itself is very focused on the count. One thing the series is doing is expanding the role of Anna Urbanova. This will be important for the overall storyline, as well as for the audience as they come to see changes in the count as his life in the hotel continues.

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A Gentleman in Moscow premieres on Friday, March 29 on Paramount+.