Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 86 breakdown

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Outlander Season 7
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Just the Outlander chapter

Young Ian and Brant are walking with other men to track an injured deer. They manage to get to it before the wolves.

On the way, Ian tells Brant that the Americans will win the Revolutionary War. He explains that his aunt walked with the spirit of Kahnyen’kchaka, a woman the Mohawk trusted and would be a credible mention to show Claire knows something to be true. Brant takes Ian seriously and tells him to speak to the Sachem. Young Ian doesn’t feel like this talk has done any good.

They also have a talk about how life is “chance,” and Brant discusses how Jamie takes risks once he knows what those risks are. Young Ian explains that to determine the risks, one needs to ask and listen. I love seeing how wise Ian is getting from everything that he has experienced in life.

Later on, Young Ian and Gabriel have a chance to talk. Gabriel wants to know why Silvia is with Ian. Ian explains how his family owed Silvia a great debt for Jamie, and when Ian saw the state that Silvia was living in, he wanted to help her.

It leads to a discussion about how Young Ian had a Mohawk wife. However, he notes that he does not practice polyamory. He is with his Quaker wife and that is all. Gabriel is angry by Young Ian’s words. Eventually, he makes it clear that he didn’t have a choice in getting to his family when he was held prisoner.