For All Mankind reveals the fate of Danny Stevens through flashbacks

Ed and Danielle
Ed and Danielle /

From the beginning of For All Mankind Season 4, we knew something had happened to Danny after being exiled. Now we know exactly what.

Caution: This post contains spoilers for For All Mankind Season 4, Episode 5.

We knew something big had happened to Danny Stevens. That was made clear in the For All Mankind Season 4 premiere. However, the show was vague on exactly what had happened.

Of course, there were theories. The biggest one was that he’d died after being exiled to the North Korean shuttle after his actions caused the deaths of multiple people. Is that really the way that the show went? What happened to Danny while he was in exile?

Dani thinks back to 1995 in For All Mankind

There were a few flashes back to Happy Valley in 1995. This was an episode of memories for Dani and Kelly. It’s Dani that we’re focusing on, as she thought back to when Happy Valley was running out of food due to agreeing to stay behind to make sure Kelly could get back to the ship to deliver her baby safely.

Dani and Ed go out to the North Korean shuttle to tell Danny that they have reached the last of the supplies. They see him outside in his spacesuit, but he’s not responding to radio comms. So, the two head out to him, only to find that he has died.

Yes, it’s as heartbreaking as you would think. He died with a photo of his wife and daughter in his hands all alone.

How did Danny die in For All Mankind?

It’s not exactly clear what happened to the eldest son of the late Tracy and Gordo Stevens. There are a few things that could have happened, and one of those was simply his body giving up due to the dwindling supplies of food and his withdrawal from the drugs that he was on.

Alternatively, he could have chosen to end his life. He was still in his suit, but he could have intentionally remained in it as it ran out of oxygen. This would have been a much more peaceful death than taking his helmet off—dying in a similar way to his parents back in the Season 2 finale but not under the same circumstances.

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