What happened to Svetlana in For All Mankind Season 4, Episode 4?

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Don’t you just hate it when political issues get in the way of a situation? That’s the case in For All Mankind Season 4, Episode 4.

With growing tensions in Russia, it’s not surprising that there are problems on Mars. Those tensions rise between Svetlana and newcoming Vasily, as the two get into a fight that leaves Vasily in a coma.

Of course, the Soviets want to see Svetlana punished for her actions, and they are not happy about her being suspended for 60 days with no pay. They want her to return to Russia to face punishment for her crimes. Danielle knows what that means, and she isn’t willing to do that.

Does Svetlana return to Earth in For All Mankind Season 4, Episode 4?

It doesn’t look like Danielle is going to get a choice. Irina makes it clear that if Svetlana isn’t returned, then the Russians will stop all work on the asteroid mission. On top of that, the Russians turn all their computer systems into Russians, effectively locking the Americans out.

Oh, still not enough? The Russians no longer respect Danielle’s command. So, it’s up to President Al Gore to get involved and figure out a way to fix the issue. There is only one option. Hand Svetlana over. Ed doesn’t want to do that, but Danielle doesn’t really see a choice.

Svetlana isn’t being handed to the Russians in For All Mankind, though. Not exactly. She’ll be taken to India to face trial. Yes, because the Russians won’t be able to get their hands on her from there.

It’s not surprising that Ed doesn’t want Svetlana to be taken away. The two of them have found a connection, and they don’t want that to end. There’s something more concerning on Mars, though. Does this mean the end of Ed and Danielle’s friendship? Will it lead to us finding out exactly what happened to Danny?

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