Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 76 breakdown

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Jamie wakes from the dream and immediately needs to make love to Claire. She’s asleep, but she opens herself up to him. Jamie then whispers his apologies while she falls back asleep in his arms.

It’s only the next morning that Jamie realizes what the dream was all about. He could see two faces, one with glasses and one without. He realizes just how similar Frank and Black Jack looked, and he wants to know why Claire didn’t tell him this.

Claire points out that while she realized the resemblance at first, their facial expressions were different. They are two different men, and Claire didn’t feel the need to tell Jamie this. It doesn’t really matter now, but Claire did think that Jamie would be hurt by Claire marrying a man that looked like Black Jack Randall.

Jamie notes that he may have been hurt at first. Now it doesn’t matter. Claire is his, and in this moment, Claire realizes that Jamie staked claim on her that night.

Jamie also worries that Frank is finding a way to get his own back on Jamie for taking Claire. Claire makes it very clear that Frank was a good man, and he wouldn’t write something false. As a historian, he wouldn’t be able to do that, which is exactly what Roger told Jamie.