Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 73 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Roger and Fergus getting back to the print shop. This leads to a lot of questions and talk about the test Roger went through. He shares that the only thing he almost lost it on was the fact that he sings. No, Presbyterian ministers don’t sing in church. Well, “not now,” as Roger puts it, and that remark causes a bit of a stir.

One thing that saved Roger was having Jamie as his father-in-law. Jamie may be a Catholic, but he is a landlord to a lot of Presbyterians, and that helps matters.

Bree and Roger are able to get some time together, which starts off as a conversation about the man who hired Bree to paint the portrait. He’s a smuggler and a gunrunner, so he is only out for profit and doesn’t care about choosing sides. The MacKenzies agree that they need to delve into all this carefully.

This is when Bree shares everything that happened to her that day. She is ashamed that she couldn’t fight the men off and that she wasn’t as intimidating as she thought she would be. It reminds her of how weak she was against Bonnet and the time Jamie proved a point that she was too weak against the men.

Roger points out that on the Ridge, Jamie’s demeanor helps. He then points out that Bree was the one to kill Bonnett, and she was the one to protect the family from Rob Cameron. There is a lot that she has managed to do, and she should be proud of that.

The chapter ends with the two of them making it clear that they will always stand by each other. They are also grateful to have each other in their lives.