Have Kelly and Aleida only just met in For All Mankind?

Episode 1. Coral Peña in "For All Mankind," premiering November 10, 2023 on Apple TV+.
Episode 1. Coral Peña in "For All Mankind," premiering November 10, 2023 on Apple TV+. /

For All Mankind Season 4, Episode 2 saw Kelly and Aleida meet at The Outpost. Is this really the first time they’ve ever met?

If there’s one thing that doesn’t feel right in For All Mankind Season 4, Episode 2, it’s that Kelly and Aleida have only just met. They meet at The Outpost, where they realize that they may be able to help each other. That’s especially with Aleida quitting NASA after refusing to deal with her PTSD in the way she should.

This could be a great partnership, though. Kelly has learned that her research is being defunded, but it’s important research. So, it looks like the hunt is on to get it privately funded. And maybe Kelly’s dad, Ed, could help do something about that.

But there’s no doubt that these two great scientific minds should have already met. They should know each other extremely well, in fact.

Why Kelly and Aleida should have already met in For All Mankind

Aleida is the whole reason Kelly was able to get back to Phoenix to have her baby. Aleida was able to find a way to bridge that last 5% to get her safely there, and then it was up to Molly to help Ed figure out a way back to Mars without certain death.

Kelly literally has Aleida to thank for her own life and Alex’s life. Of course, Aleida didn’t do it for the thanks, but that doesn’t mean Kelly wouldn’t have gone to find the woman who managed to find this option. That’s not in Kelly’s character.

Sure, there was a lot going on at the end of the third season. There was the deal of the explosion, which is the reason for Aleida’s PTSD. However, Kelly would have still sought out Aleida as soon as she got back to Earth. It doesn’t seem right that she wouldn’t have even made some inquiries.

Is this a writing flaw? I’m not too sure. Just something doesn’t sit right with me on this part of the story.

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