What happened to Jimmy in the For All Mankind Season 4 premiere?

Jimmy Stevens found himself involved with a terrorist group in For All Mankind‘s third season. What happened to him in For All Mankind Season 4?

The Stevens brothers have been through a lot, and we saw how the loss of their parents caused mental health problems. As Danny made some terrible choices on Mars that led to the loss of lives there, Jimmy got involved in a terrorist group that led to the loss of lives on Earth.

Jimmy’s group of friends were the ones that set off the bomb at the Johnson Space Center, which claimed the lives of multiple people, including Karen Baldwin and Molly Cobb. Would he face the consequences of his actions in the fourth season? That’s something that we had to wait for, but we got some details in the clips that connect the time jump between the seasons.

Where is Jimmy in the For All Mankind Season 4 premiere?

We don’t get to see Jimmy specifically, just like we don’t get to see his brother Danny. It’s clear that there are still some storylines to come, but we did get to find out what Jimmy did in the aftermath of the bombing.

He chose to take a plea deal. We learned in the For All Mankind Season 4 premiere that he opted to testify against those who set the bomb. This was his best option; and it’s not like they were really his friends, anyway. They used him for who he was.

There wasn’t much on the aftermath of the explosion at the space center. However, we do know that it has been rebuilt and renamed the Molly Cobb Space Center, which makes sense considering everything she did to get people out despite her feelings of betrayal over NASA. More could come up in the rest of the season, but there are other, more important, characters to focus on, whether it’s Margo’s fate in the Soviet Union, Kelly’s life on Earth with her space baby, or Danielle reluctantly heading back to Mars.

For All Mankind Season 4 airs on Fridays on Apple TV+.