When is the Lessons in Chemistry Season 1 finale on Apple TV+?

Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+
Lessons in Chemistry on Apple TV+ /

Lessons in Chemistry tells us the story of how Elizabeth Zott went from chemistry to cooking show host. When will the Season 1 finale air?

Elizabeth Zott is a popular cooking show host. Not only does she teach women how to make the perfect meal for their families, but she also teaches them about chemistry. She’s focused on growing their minds, and that’s not something everyone likes.

But how did she become this popular host? After all, she’s a chemist. Why would she go from chemistry to cooking? That’s something we get to see throughout the course of Lessons in Chemistry. It turns out her mind works not just on her work but also on creating the perfect meals for herself.

We also see her story as a woman of her time. Her mind is ahead of the game, but the world needs to catch up. You’ll certainly want to watch this show to the end.

Lessons in Chemistry Season 1 finale air date

Like other Apple TV+ shows, this one is getting a weekly release. We’ve started with two episodes, with the rest of the season airing weekly on Fridays. Now you just need to know when the Lessons in Chemistry Season 1 finale will air so that you can binge-watch the whole season.

Get Friday, Nov. 24 in your diary. This is the set date for the finale.

Will there be a second season after this? Probably not. The series has been billed as a limited series, and we haven’t seen Apple TV+ change its mind when it comes to things like that. It makes sense to keep this as a limited series considering the show is based on a single book by Bonnie Garmus—and that book is more than worth reading.

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Lessons in Chemistry is available to stream on Apple TV+.