The Gathering 2023: Final set of guests added to the lineup

Sasnak City 2022 swag bag -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City 2022 swag bag -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

There are more guests on the lineup for The Gathering 2023. These are set to be the final guests added to the list, but who are they?

As you know, there are new guests added to a Sasnak City event in the weeks before one starts. That’s no different in The Gathering 2023. This year, there hasn’t been an announcement of a surprise guest, but there is a great lineup that looks to be finalized.

Keep in mind that changes can happen in the days leading up to the event. Some changes can happen during it if the actors get word that they’re needed for production. That’s just the way it is with all conventions. That doesn’t stop us from getting excited about the latest lineup.

Who else is joining The Gathering 2023?

Shortly after the announcement of John Bell and Izzy Meikle-Small joining, we learned that Caitlin O’Ryan would join The Gathering 2023. We all know her as Lizzie Beardsley.

Sadly, we won’t get a Beardsley photo op, but there could be a chance of a John and Caitlin photo op for a Young Ian and Lizzie duo. This is something that we’ll need to wait and see about as there are only so many photo ops that can happen.

The last of the announcements—at least, what seems set to be the last of the announcements—is that Richard Rankin will be back. Yes, Roger Mac is back at a Sasnak City event. Considering the lineup already, this is going to be exciting to see happen. Wouldn’t it be great to get a Roger and Jenny duo considering what we know happens in Written in My Own Heart’s Blood?

Tickets for The Gathering 2023 have sold out. So have all the Blue Mountain Cocktail tickets. There may still be some other event tickets available, but you’ll need to check with the Attendees Facebook group to find out.

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