The Kingdom 2024: What’s included in the Mercia tier?

Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

Tickets for The Kingdom 2024 are available to buy. Mercia is the third tier down. What will you get included in the package?

Not everyone can get the top two tiers at a Sasnak City event. That’s okay. While the top tiers include a lot, there is still plenty included in the other tiers.

The Mercia tier is the third one down. The ticket for The Kingdom 2024 costs $1,395+tax, and it will give you entry for all days of the event. You’ll be able to pick up your registration package on the Thursday night and attend the welcome party with all your other Sasnak Sisters and Brothers, and then you’ll be ready for the rest of the weekend.

Of course, you want to know what’s included. Will you get autographs and photos? Do you get the opportunity to have a meet and greet? Here’s everything you need to know.

The Mercia tier at The Kingdom 2024

Your seating for this tier is just behind the Wessex tier at The Kingdom 2024. I will continue to say that there isn’t a bad seat in this auditorium, though.

Lunch is provided on the two days. You’ll need to be in the Attendees Facebook Group for the lunch. This is where the Google form is put out so that you can sign up for your lunch options. If you don’t do this in time (it is much closer to the event) then you’ll have to organize your own lunch.

You also get the Mercia swag bag. Each tier gets their own items.

When it comes to photos and autos, there are some included in your tier:

  • 2 autos with all guests
  • 4 solo photos—the guests are selected by Sasnak City

There is the opportunity to buy Meet and Greets, Activity Tickets, more autos and photos, and much more throughout the event.

You can get prizes for your purchase. Your name is entered into a draw that is exclusive for the Mercia tier. The prizes are:

  • Entry into the Flame Bearer Desserts (1 winner)
  • Entry into Lords of the North (1 winner)

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Get your tickets for The Kingdom 2024 at the Sasnak City website.