Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 36 breakdown

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Claire comes to Bree to ask her to write to Lord John Grey. Of course, Brianna will. John is her favorite person outside of the family, but she does understandably have questions. Why doesn’t Claire or Jamie write? If Dottie is Hal’s niece and Claire knows Hal well, why doesn’t Claire write to him?

Claire has no choice but to share the truth about John and Jamie falling out. She shares how she and John married when they thought that Jamie was dead. It’s clear that this wouldn’t have led to a falling out between John and Jamie. Claire has to share that she and John slept together.

Jamie comes in with a medical emergency that Claire needs to go and attend to. This gives Bree a chance to think about John and his interest in women. She knows that he does not seek pleasure from a woman, so why would he and Claire have slept together? It’s clear that there is more to the story.

Before she can think of that anymore, her heart flutters. Claire comes back in when it happens, and Bree explains that this isn’t the first time that happened. The first time was when they came through the stones, and she’s had some fluttering since. Claire explains that it sounds like an atrial fibrillation.

Of course, Bree fears the worst. She makes her mom promise her to take care of Mandy (who is out looking for leaches) and Jemmy if something happens to her. Like Claire wouldn’t do that.