When will Little Bird premiere on PBS?

Little Bird -- Courtesy of PBS
Little Bird -- Courtesy of PBS /

Little Bird is a Canadian miniseries that you can’t afford to miss. It premieres on PBS in October, but when can you watch the episodes?

PBS will bring the award-winning Canadian series Little Bird to screens. This is something that you’ll want to check out, and not just for entertainment sake. The series brings us an important story that we still have the ramifications of today.

Something you may have heard about is all the bodies being found at former Residential Schools in Canada. It brings to light the true horrors of the system that was known as the Sixties Scoop, a way to bring an end to Indigenous tribes and their cultures. There is a push to reclaim them, but we can’t forget the horrors of the past.

Remember that history isn’t there to make us comfortable. It’s there to learn from, and remembering is the only way that we can do that.

When will Little Bird premiere on PBS

The series follows Bezhig Little Bird, who was taken from her reservation home in Saskatchewan and adopted into a Jewish family in Montreal when she was just five. She and her family didn’t have a choice, and Bezhig grew up known as Esther Rosenbaum.

In her 20s, she decides that it is time to learn more about her culture and where she came from. She wants to understand why she was taken from her family, and she wants to reconnect with those who are still around. It takes her on a journey across the Canadian Prairies, where she doesn’t just learn more about herself and her Indigenous heritage but also her Jewish family.

Little Bird premieres on Thursday, Oct. 12 at 9 p.m. ET. It will air on all PBS channels and online locations. You’ll need to check your own local listings for the exact time in your area.

There are six episodes in this limited series. PBS will air them weekly, with the finale airing on Thursday, Nov. 16.

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Little Bird premieres on Thursday, Oct. 12 on PBS.