Why did Netflix cancel Sex Education?

Sex Education season 4
Sex Education season 4 /

Sex Education Season 4 is officially the last. The show was canceled well ahead of it premiering, and fans want to know why.

When a new season of a hit show drops, there are usually questions about whether it will be renewed. That’s not always the case, but it usually is. It’s rare for Netflix to make decisions about the future of shows.

Sex Education is different. Netflix decided shortly after renewing the series for a fourth season that it would be the last. That’s right; there is definitely not going to be a fifth season of the series. The current strike action has absolutely nothing to do with the decision as the series is not involved in that.

So, why would Netflix cancel the show? After all, it’s one of the more popular shows on the streamer. Wouldn’t it make sense to keep it going?

Why Netflix canceled Sex Education

Of course, Netflix hasn’t made an official statement as to why the series has come to an end. It is possible to work out some of the reasons, though.

This likely has nothing to do with the performance of the series and everything to do with the type of series that it is. This is another one of those shows where adults are playing teenagers. It’s not too bad having young 20-somethings playing teenagers at first, especially something like 21 or 22-year-olds playing 17-year-olds. However, the cast gets older as the seasons progress.

A lot of the cast members are now in their late 20s. Some are moving into their 30s. The idea of them playing teenagers is laughable. Just look at all the comments Euphoria and Strangers Things get about this.

At the same time, a lot of the main cast is moving onto other, bigger projects. Emma Mackey is gaining a movie career, while Ncuti Gatwa has landed the iconic role of The Doctor in Doctor Who. As the OG cast members start to leave, the show changes too much and fans don’t come back for it.

The end of Year 13 in a British series is the perfect time to end it. This is the same as Grade 12 in U.S. and Canadian high schools. The students are going off to university or starting work. They leave the town they grew up in, making it harder to keep storylines going and giving a genuine reason for characters to stay where they grew up. It’s easier to end than make up some ridiculous reason for people to stay.

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Sex Education is now streaming on Netflix.