Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 27 breakdown

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Outlander -- Courtesy of STARZ -- Acquired via STARZ Media Center /
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Claire needs to work fast. Rigor mortis is going to set in soon, and Claire needs to make sure Amy’s body is undressed to be ready to wash it. However, before she gets to work, she makes sure Amy’s face is covered. Claire wants her to have dignity in death.

Bree comes with a sheet for Claire to use, but it’s clear that she isn’t going to be much use to help out. She’s shaken by everything that has happened, and she just can’t work on Amy’s body. Claire doesn’t need Bree’s help, though. There are plenty of women around the Ridge who will be able to help with this, including Jenny and Rachel.

I do wonder if Bree felt a little useless in this moment, but it points out that everyone has their own skills and uses on the Ridge. Bree is the armorer. We know that she is getting everyone prepared for the Revolutionary War that is sure to hit them. Meanwhile, Claire and many of the other women are the ones who are there for working on bodies. It doesn’t make anyone lesser than. Everyone has a purpose.

While all that is going on, Jamie is getting ready to go out and hunt the bear. They need to act fast as the hunting party won’t want the bear to get away. This isn’t really revenge, although it seems it. The bear has proven to be dangerous to the people of the Ridge, and it’s up to Jamie and the hunting party to protect the Ridge. Again, everyone has a place.

Aidan is shaken and distraught but he wants to help. Jamie agrees to Aidan coming on the hunt. I do find this surprising considering Aidan is only 12, especially when Jamie admits that he hopes Bobby doesn’t come. However, I guess this shows us that Jamie knows Aidan needs this sort of closure.

Jamie knows what it’s like to lose a parent at a young age. When it comes to getting Aidan ready for the hunt, he purposely makes sure Aidan isn’t guided away from his mother’s body. Jamie hated that he was kept away, and he allows Aidan the chance to grieve and really say goodbye.

Jamie also recites the Consecration of the Chase for Aidan while they wash and uses the well water to make a cross on Aidan. This isn’t something Aidan has ever done, and I love that we see the respect for different religious views and the openness to learn something new in a time of loss. It’s something for Aidan to hold onto.