Will there be a Season 2 of The Empress?

The Empress. Cr: Thomas Schenk/Netflix.
The Empress. Cr: Thomas Schenk/Netflix. /

If you haven’t checked out The Empress yet, now is the time to do it. Of course, you can go in knowing that it won’t be abruptly canceled.

There is no doubt that the German series The Empress is a must-watch for romance and historical drama fans. The series follows Empress Elisabeth of Austria as she figures out the way of the Austrian court after marrying into the family.

While the series premiered in September 2022, it was on Netflix and you may have overlooked it. There is always the worry that a series will be abruptly canceled due to the way Netflix makes decisions. Considering the series ended on a major cliffhanger, you’d only want to watch it if you know that a second season will happen.

Is The Empress Season 2 happening at Netflix?

There is some great news for fans. This is a series that quickly landed a second season. That’s great news with the way things ended. We need to know what’s next for Elisabeth, known as Sisi in the series.

Of course, eyes are on when the series could release its second season. This is a show not caught up in the current strike action. This is one of the reasons Netflix and other streamers aren’t too concerned about the strike right now. They won’t be as heavily affected by the strike as the broadcast and premium cable networks as they have plenty of international content. It’s annoying, but true.

With the show being able to film, it is possible that The Empress could arrive before the end of this year. However, we’re more likely looking at early 2024 at this rate. For now, it’s worth making your way through the first season. It does not disappoint.

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The Empress is available to stream on Netflix.