Is The Empress Season 2 coming in 2023?

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We know The Empress Season 2 is happening, but we really want to know when. Could we see the German Netflix series arrive this year?

Eyes are on when some of our favorite romance and historical fiction shows will return. Netflix has the German series, The Empress, which is based on the true story of Elisabeth of Austria.

Throughout the first season, we saw the highs and lows of Elisabeth’s start in Austria. It all ended with her almost leaving the country after agreeing to an annulment. She was going to keep her pregnancy a secret, but then she ran into the angry mob outside the castle. Instead of leaving, she decided to get down on her knees and publically announce the pregnancy.

What does this mean for her next? Will she leave Franz, or will the two end up staying together? Of course, we could look at real history for the answers, but we can also wait for the second season of the series. Whenever that may arrive.

When will The Empress Season 2 come to Netflix?

There isn’t a set release date for The Empress Season 2 just yet. That’s not surprising. Netflix doesn’t announce release dates until around a month before the shows are scheduled to come out. That’s especially the case for some of the smaller shows compared to the likes of The Witcher and The Lincoln Lawyer.

There is a chance that we’ll see the series in 2023 still. This isn’t a show affected by the current strike action, which means that it could keep filming throughout the summer. It all depends on whether filming wraps in time for post-production to be completed before the end of the year.

At this rate, though, we’re probably looking at a 2024 release date. Netflix will want to spread out some of its content, as it won’t have the likes of Stranger Things and even maybe Outer Banks, which it was likely relying on in the 2024 calendar.

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The Empress is available to stream on Netflix.