Outlander Book Club: Go Tell the Bees That I Am Gone Chapter 25 breakdown

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /
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Outlander Season 6
Outlander — Courtesy of STARZ /

Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with a lot of details about the hog that Bree and Claire are cutting up. Claire is thinking about everything that she can do with the whole hog. It’s a large one, and she doesn’t want any of it to go to waste. As much as I love seeing how people would use the entire animal in the past, I don’t quite think we needed as much vivid description.

Bree is asked to get a kettle, which I’m sure she was more than happy about. Germain sticks around, and it turns out that he has a question. What does “voulez-vous coucher avec moi?” mean?

Of course, Claire wants to know where Germain has heard it from, and it turns out it was a phrase that his father said to his mother, and Germain knows that it was in a flirtatious way. While teaching Fanny how to speak French, Germain said the phrase, and it’s clear that Fanny knew the meaning of it.

Claire takes Germain to the springhouse for some milk, and she shares the meaning of it on the way. It’s clear that the boys are starting to grow up and learn more about their bodies and the world.

In the end, Claire returns to the hog. Alone.