Droughtlander suggestions: Check out Wilderness on Prime Video

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As we continue into Droughtlander, we’re looking for more and more content to keep us busy. Wilderness drops on Prime Video at the end of the week, and it could be perfect for Outlander fans.

If you’re looking for something else to get through Droughtlander, Prime Video is the place to turn this weekend. It has a new British thriller series starring Jenna Coleman. It looks like all six episodes of the series will drop at once, too.

Yes, there are only six episodes to the show. This also isn’t the usual suggestion for Outlander fans. After all, it doesn’t quite have the same romance that you’re used to. It does have a great storyline and cast, though.

What is Wilderness about?

The series is based on Wilderness by B.E. Jones. It follows Liv, who finds out that her husband is having an affair. The two head out on a romantic trip together in the hope of rekindling what they have, but Will doesn’t realize that Liv has something else in mind. Will she kill him and make it look like an accident?

The trailer doesn’t make it clear whether she pushes him off the cliff edge or not. All we know is that she is definitely out for revenge, and the wilderness seems like the perfect place for accidents to happen.

Why Outlander fans should watch the show

As mentioned, this is not the typical suggestion for Outlander fans. It doesn’t have the romance that you’re used to, and it doesn’t have the time travel.

What it has is a great cast and some excellent writing. It’s also based on a book, and you may have even read that book. It was released in 2021, and it is a favorite for thriller fans.

It’s likely the casting that is going to pull you in. You know Jenna Coleman from the likes of Doctor Who and Victoria. You’ll know Oliver Jackson-Cohen from The Haunting of Hill House and The Invisible Man. The show also includes the likes of Ashley Benson, Eric Balfour, Marsha Stephanie Blake, and Jonathan Keltz.

Sometimes, you need something completely different to your time travel romance dramas. It’s time for a thriller with a story I think many of us have envisioned when it comes to cheating spouses. Who doesn’t just imagine death as revenge?

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Wilderness is coming to Prime Video on Friday, Sept. 15.