Outlander locations: Is Fort Ticonderoga a real place?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

There are many locations in Outlander that are based on real places. What about Fort Ticonderoga? Is this a place you can visit?

While there are some places in Outlander that are fictional, such as Lallybroch, there are others that very much are real places. Some of those places don’t stand any more, but others do, and you can visit the real locations.

What about Fort Ticonderoga? The place was used in the seventh season of the series, and we saw the Americans initially hold it but fled when the British came in and took it. Does this have nay real history connected to it? Here’s all you need to know.

The real Fort Ticonderoga from Outlander

Fort Ticonderoga is a real place. It was once known as Fort Carillon, and there was a battle in 1758 called the Battle of Fort Carillon. As you’ll note from the date, that is before the Revolutionary War. The French held the fort and the British fought to take it. While the British failed in 1758, they returned in 1759 and succeeded.

It was the French who constructed the fort. Michel Chartier de Lotbinière, Marquis de Lotbinière was an engineer in the French military. It took two years to construct the fort. It was placed in a location of strategic importance, both during the Seven Years’ War and the Revolutionary War.

The name “Ticonderoga” was taken from the Iroquois word tekontaró:ken, which means “it is at the junction of two waterways.” It isn’t surprising then to find out that the location of the fort is at the junction of two waterways, and the fort controlled a river portage along the La Chute River between Lakes Champlain and George. Of course, we know that there was a river; that’s something Jamie notes as he finds a way to protect the fort from the British.

The story that we see play out in Outlander Season 7 of how the British took the fort is a real part of history. You’ll want to visit the fort itself for the full story. It is still standing, with the Fort Ticonderoga Association operating it as a museum and research center.

One thing you’ll notice is that Fort Ticonderoga isn’t mentioned in the books after the Battle of Saratoga. That’s because it was no longer of military value in 1781. In fact, it was stripped of usable materials until a family purchased it in 1820 and it eventually became what it is today.

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Take a look at the official website for Fort Ticonderoga to learn more.