The Kingdom 2023: What to expect on Day 3 of the event

Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

Day 3 of The Kingdom 2023 was a chance to catch up on anything that was missed. Including a little bit of sleep. Here’s what happened during the day.

If you’ve been to any sort of event, you know that the last day is usually the quietest. This also tends to be the day that some people go home, so they miss some of the event. It is worth being around for all three days of The Kingdom, but if you can’t make one of the days, Sunday is the one to skip.

This year, the last day was mostly about catch-ups. A couple of Meet & Greets happened and there were a couple of panels. This is also a great day to shop!

What happened on Day 3 of The Kingdom 2023

The third day is all about catching up. If you missed out on photos or autographs, this was the day you’d get them. The team made sure that everyone got what they needed, whether it was in their tier or bought separately. The photo crew also added a photo op that would allow Sasnak City attendees to get together just them for a photo, which is great way to remember fun times with friends.

What about the Polaroids? This was the day for those to happen. Anything that involved Cavan was done the day before, but there were plenty of others. These were so much fun as they offered a very different style of photo to the event. So much nostalgia in these, and they were taken and then signed by James Northcote.

There was at least one pop-up panel on the day, and there were two all-cast panels in the Great Hall—one to start the day and one to end it.

Sunday’s lunch was provided for, and Bebbanburg tier holders went back to their VIP room to eat together and see the other half of the cast. There were also a few surprise offerings throughout the day with the money raised for Camp Encourage.

A raffle and silent auction were also available during the event. They were drawn/announced during the final panel. We’ll certainly share more about this part of the event in the coming days, but there was a lot of money raised for Camp Encourage.

Everything wrapped up by around 4 p.m. that day, giving attendees the rest of the night to themselves if they were staying for one more night. Many people went home that day, especially if they lived close enough or were willing to drive through the night.

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