Outlander Season 7A is not coming to Netflix in September 2023

Outlander season 7 on Starz
Outlander season 7 on Starz /

We’re into another Droughtlander, and you may be looking at ending your STARZ subscription for a bit longer. When will Outlander Season 7A come to Netflix?

Droughtlander is upon us once more. You’ll want to keep your STARZ subscription for a little longer. After all, how else are you going to be able to rewatch the most recent season?

Eventually, it’s sure to come to Netflix. The bad news is the first eight episodes of Outlander Season 7 are not arriving on Netflix just yet. That’s not too surprising, though. We don’t even have Season 6 on Netflix yet.

The big question for many is when the season will arrive on Netflix in the United States. How long will we actually need to wait?

When could Outlander Season 7A come to Netflix?

It’s hard to answer this question. With other seasons, we’ve been able to say two years from the finale airing on STARZ. With this season, it’s not been the whole of Season 7 on STARZ yet. This is the first time since Netflix got licensing rights that the show has had a split season. It makes it harder to tell how STARZ is agreeing to license the show.

It is possible that we’ll see the first half of the season two years after the Outlander Season 7A finale. That would mean the first eight episodes of the season will arrive on Aug. 11, 2025.

However, there is also a chance that STARZ will want to keep the entire season exclusive to the streaming platform for longer. After all, we’ll get Outlander Season 7B sometime next year and then we can’t say when the eighth and final season will be released. So, STARZ may want to wait until the Season 7B finale has aired. That would mean the whole season is released on Netflix sometime in 2026.

This is something we’ll keep an eye on to see if there are any clues about how this is going to work.

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