For All Mankind Season 4 is not coming to Apple TV+ in September 2023

Jodi Balfour in “For All Mankind,” now streaming on Apple TV+.
Jodi Balfour in “For All Mankind,” now streaming on Apple TV+. /

We’re pushing into the early 2000s in For All Mankind Season 4. When will we get to see the new season premiere on Apple TV+?

With a show that started with the premise of “what if the Soviets got to the moon first?”, we’ve ended up seeing some major changes to events in U.S. history. Now we’re into the early 2000s, and there’s a woman as president, a focus on Mars, and so much more.

We’re ready to see how the story continues. The bad news is For All Mankind Season 4 is not coming in September 2023. That was when we hoped to see the premiere based on the way previous seasons came out, but the strike action at the moment is delaying a lot.

When will For All Mankind Season 4 premiere on Apple TV+?

Apple TV+ has not given a date as to when we could see For All Mankind Season 4. It’s not clear just where the show is in the production process, which makes it difficult to even say if the show will arrive in 2023 at all. Apple TV+ has released a few fall dates for shows already, so this one could be something to watch in 2024.

What we do know is that another strong and formidable woman is leave. Jodi Balfour will not return to the series as a series regular, according to TVLine. She will be back in some capacity, but not full-time. This could be as a way to write out her character, who came out as a lesbian and was threatened with impeachment in the third season. With a recommendation to resign as POTUS, Ellen Waverly’s fate was left unknown as we jumped eight years ahead to 2003.

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For All Mankind is available to stream on Apple TV+.