The Kingdom 2023: What to expect on Day 1 of the event

Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Kingdom 2023 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

The Kingdom 2023 is in full swing. What can you expect on the first (full) day of the Sasnak City event? What happens if you miss something?

The Kingdom is a Sasnak City convention that brings some of the cast members of The Last Kingdom to us for a fun weekend. 2023 sees nine cast members from the series.

The first day of the event gives fans time to get some photo ops, autographs, and, of course, panels. What can you expect on Day 1 of this event?

Photo ops, autographs, and more at The Kingdom 2023

Tiers are asked to come at different times of the day. It all starts with Bebbanburg and Wessex, and if you didn’t register the night before, then you can do it at the museum. During this event, it was time to get through some of the individual and the group photos.

Don’t worry other tiers; if you had anything, you’d still get them during the weekend. Sasnak City has just found a way to make the wait shorter for a lot of people and get through more.

The other tiers came later on in time for their events, whether it involved Meet and Greets or the panels.

Some of the Meet and Greets took place on Day 1. All the Meet and Greet info was added to the Sasnak City Attendees Facebook group, which is for those with tickets to an event only. These Meet and Greets only have up to 12 people and allows for 30 minutes of a general discussion and then 10 minutes to get selfies at the end.

Opening panel at 4 p.m.

The first panel of the whole event takes place at the end of the first day. This was a chance to see the whole cast and how they interact together and hear their answers to the many questions fans emailed in.

This year’s panel was very different as the questions had to be reworked to fit in with the SAG-AFTRA strike rules. The actors could talk about their work as an actor overall, but they couldn’t talk about specific shows and characters.

Friday night War Lord event

After the opening panel, it’s time for almost everyone to leave. Only Bebbanburg holders remain in the museum to get ready for the War Lord event. This is a round-robin type of event that is set with nine tables. The cast members move around the tables so the Bebbanburg members remain in spot.

There are some snacks served and there is an open bar. It’s another chance to get to know the cast members and get some selfies with them afterward. This is also another chance to get to know your fellow Bebbanburg members, as this is where memories are made and a family is formed.

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The Kingdom 2023 takes place Aug. 31 to Sept. 3.