What to get autographed at The Kingdom 2023

Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham
Sasnak City: The Gathering 2022 -- Courtesy of Alexandria Ingham /

Autographs are available at The Kingdom 2023, giving you another chance to meet the cast. Here are some ideas for items to get autographed while there.

When you go to any Sasnak City event, there is the opportunity to get autographs. Some of the autographs are included in your package. Others are available to purchase. Even if you have some included in your ticket package, you can buy more autographs. Maybe you have friends who would like you to get something for them.

Now you need to figure out what you’ll get autographed. Everyone will get headshot cards for all those they are guaranteed an autograph of. You can use these to have autographed if you want, or you can opt for something else.

As long as it’s appropriate, you will get your autograph on your items. Here are some ideas of items to take for The Kingdom 2023

Take one of The Last Kingdom books to The Kingdom 2023

A lot of people will have the books connected to the show signed. The Last Kingdom books are available in all formats, so you can take one (or more) of them to take to be signed.

I tend to use the first book in a series, and I may often buy a hardcover version of that book to get signed. It protects the signatures when I want to re-read my other copies, and it is a special addition to my fandom shelves. I am contemplating getting a hardcover of The Last Kingdom by Bernard Cornwell to take to The Kingdom 2023.

Use the photos printed from the photo ops

There are some photo ops included in your packages. You can also buy extra photos if you want them. A lot of people will use these photos to get signed by the cast.

This can be a little hit and miss depending on the actor. Some of them can have fun by scribbling over other faces or drawing things on the photos. They think it’s funny, but this could ruin your whole experience. You can request for things like that not to happen. These are your memories, so please do say something quickly if you think you have one of these joksters.

The cast is respectful. They will just sign if that’s all you want.

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Take a T-shirt or a canvas bag

When I went to Disney World, I had canvas tote bags created for the children. They took those bags around to get the cast members to sign. It’s a great keepsake, and the bags were very easy to stash away in between signatures.

I’ve also had T-shirts and other bags signed in the past. You’ll need to make sure you take the right pens with you if the material is something specific. The cast will only have sharpies to sign with as they cover the majority of needs.

Get a print to have signed

When I went to a Supernatural convention, I got some artwork that connected to the show. I had everyone sign that, which has allowed me to keep everything in one place. I can put it on display with the rest of my Supernatural merch.

There are a lot of prints for The Kingdom 2023. Take a look at options that you can take with you. Just keep in mind the size and the way you can take it to the event and get it back. I was fortunate that I could drive to the Supernatural convention, otherwise, I would have struggled to take it.

You could choose a few separate prints. There are characters from various seasons of The Last Kingdom. Why not get something of each one individually to get signed? You can make a collage to put on your walls.

Have a notebook to keep signatures in one place

When I went to The Gathering 2019, I opted to use the autograph cards. When I went to The Gathering 2022, I did something a little different. I bought a notebook from one of the vendors. It has the Outlander map on the front, and I was able to use that to get all the autographs to keep them in one place.

These small notebooks are very easy to travel with. They go in hand luggage easily, and you can take them with you to every single convention.

There are likely to be The Last Kingdom notebooks available to buy at the convention. You can always have a backup with you just in case, and then look out for something that works for you while you’re there.

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Think of anything that is easy to sign. If you need specific pens, take them with you. There are plenty of options for items to be autographed, and as long as they’re appropriate, they’re going to be signed.

The Kingdom 2023 takes place from Aug. 31 to Sept. 3.