What time is Men in Kilts Season 2, Episode 4 on STARZ?

Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ
Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ /

Can you believe we’re onto the Men in Kilts Season 2 finale already? The lads are about to get muddy, but what time can you watch the episode?

Yes, Men in Kilts Season 2 was originally set to have six episodes. Somewhere along the line, that changed. We’re not only getting four episodes. It is possible that that’s just the way things worked due to pandemic restrictions at the time of filming.

The new episode will air this week. It follows Sam and Graham in their last trip in New Zealand, and it looks to be a little muddy. The two are also going to roll down some mountains, which sounds like some fun. At least, for Sam it does. I’m not too sure about for Graham, who isn’t adventurous as his friend.

When will Men in Kilts Season 2, Episode 4 air on STARZ?

You will want to make sure you have access to the STARZ app for the weekend. The episode will arrive at midnight ET on Friday, Sept. 1. There is some great news for those who are on the west coast. Time zones will work in your favor, with the episode dropping at 9 p.m. PT on Thursday, Aug. 31.

You can watch it whenever you want on Friday. You can do this with a subscription just ot the app, whether it’s direct or via something like Amazon Channels or Hulu Channels.

What if you have the channel through your cable provider? In a lot of cases, you can use your cable login to get access to the app. That will allow you to join the Midnight Club to watch. If you can’t do that, you will be able to watch on the linear channel at 9:30 p.m. ET on Friday, Sept. 1.

There are reruns throughout the night and into Sunday. There is also a Men in Kilts Season 2 marathon starting at 11:25 a.m. ET on Saturday, Sept. 2 on the linear channel.

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Men in Kilts is available to stream on STARZ.