Men in Kilts spoilers: What to expect in Season 2, Episode 3 (Preview)

Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ
Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ /

We’re at the halfway mark of the season, and it’s all about food and drink in New Zealand. Take a look at the Men in Kilts spoilers for Season 2, Episode 3.

We’ve seen the lads enjoy the first part of their New Zealand experience. They’ve immersed themselves into the native culture and enjoyed races across the lake. Now it’s time for them to learn more about the food and drink of the country.

It’s not surprising that we’re getting a food and drink episode. We had this right at the start of Men in Kilts Season 1 when they were in Scotland. Food and drink say so much about a culture. It’s what people travel the world to experience. With this series, we get to go more into where the food and drink come from.

Men in Kilts spoilers: 2×03 promo

The promo certainly gives us a look at what to expect. We get to see the two experience a few different food and drinks, including heading to a bee farm for the honey and heading to a dairy farm to milk cows themselves. Are they willing to enjoy the fruits of their labor? It certainly looks like it.

Men in Kilts spoilers 2×03 synopsis

The synopsis doesn’t tell us much more than we already know from the promo. It was the synopsis that we got to see first, and it was clear that it was going to involve food and drink. There was something about drinking the milk, and seeing the promo makes that line make so much more sense.

There is also a wine tour. I love that it focuses on the local businesses, giving these businesses more advertising to help them grow.

"Don’t bee afraid to drink the milk. Sam and Graham embark on an immersive food and wine tour with local New Zealand businesses."

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Men in Kilts airs on Fridays on STARZ.