What time is the Men in Kilts Season 2 premiere on STARZ?

Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ
Men in Kilts Season 2 -- Courtesy of Geoffrey Short/STARZ /

The Men in Kilts Season 2 premiere is finally here. Well, almost. It arrives at the end of the week, but what time can you stream the episode?

It has been a long wait for Men in Kilts Season 2. We had hoped for it last year, but we’re finally getting it this summer. The episodes take place in New Zealand, giving us a chance to see the place Graham McTavish now calls home and to see the Scottish influences in the country.

The first episode will see the duo zipline down the mountains. We know from the promos that Sam Heughan is more than ready for something like this. Graham McTavish is not as excited about it. Look, not everyone wants to go ziplining, okay!

The two will also come across some apex predator. Now that is something I’m excited to see happen in the 30-minute episode.

What time can you watch the Men in Kilts Season 2 premiere on STARZ?

The second season premieres on STARZ on Friday, Aug. 11. There are a few times that you will need to keep in your mind, though.

The episodes will drop on the STARZ App at midnight ET. That’s on Friday, so it’s worth staying up to watch the Outlander Season 7A finale and then run straight into Men in Kilts Season 2. If you’re on the west coast, you’ll be able to watch at 9 p.m. PT on Thursday, Aug. 10. Time zones certainly work in your favor.

What if you watch on the linear channel? You’ll need to wait until 9:30 p.m. ET/PT on STARZ. This is not straight after Outlander as we’d hoped—we really hoped for a 90-minute finale. Minx will air in between the two shows. There are runs of Men in Kilts throughout the night.

Some cable logins will allow you access to the STARZ app while you pay for the linear channel. It’s worth checking it out to see if you can check out the episodes earlier.

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Men in Kilts Season 2 premieres on Friday, Aug. 11 on STARZ.