Outlander Season 7 premiere ratings: A drop in the linear ratings

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

As we take a week off from new episodes, it’s time to look back at the Outlander Season 7 linear ratings. How did the premiere perform?

Before I get into the live ratings for the Outlander Season 7 premiere, there is something that needs to be noted about them. These are only for the people watching live on the first viewing of the show on the linear network. These Neilsen ratings do not include the people who stream via the app throughout the day.

The numbers are limited. STARZ keeps a lot of information private, which is problematic for fans when it comes to the cancellation of shows. However, what it points out is that you can’t just rely on what you’re seeing in the live ratings.

So, why look at them? Because they offer an idea of what the viewership is like live. I do suspect that we see a lot more view online via the app as more people fall in love with the show.

Outlander Season 7 premiere live ratings

TV Series Finale shared the live ratings for the premiere episode. They did see a drop compared to the Outlander Season 6 finale. In fact, the demo was down 60% and the audience was down almost 40%.

Am I worried about this? Absolutely not.

For one, the series has a confirmed eighth and final season. This is a show that is coming to an end and is not just being outright canceled. Secondly, the linear ratings mean so little to premium cable networks. There are no advertisers that look at these numbers since STARZ and other similar networks make money via subscriptions—whether to the app or to the linear channel.

Plus, keep in mind that the show premiered in the summer and on a new night. Fridays are considered the “death night” for a lot of TV, and in the summer, people spend more time outside with friends and family and not watching TV. There was always going to be a lot working against these live ratings, so people are watching on the app.

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