Why was Roger so welcoming to Rob in Outlander?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger welcomed Rob Cameron into his home a little too easily in Outlander Season 7, Episode 7. Why would he be so welcoming of this man?

When you’ve been through some traumatic experiences, you would think you would shut down to allow people into your life. When you’ve traveled through times and seen some scary things, you would think that trust doesn’t come easily. Well, Roger doesn’t quite conform to all that.

Despite Rob being one of the men to lock Bree in the tunnel, Roger welcomed Rob into Lallybroch. He even left Rob alone in his study with the hymnals despite those letters being there. Then when Rob offered to take Jemmy to the pictures with his nephew, both Roger and Bree accepted it easily.

Why would they be so welcoming to Rob? Why would they trust him so quickly? Well, it isn’t completely out of Roger’s character.

Roger does have a big heart in Outlander

We just have to look at the way Roger has acted around other strangers. He tried to explain to Buck MacKenzie that he wasn’t a threat to Morag during the Battle of Alamance, only for him to end up hanged thanks to Buck. When he saw Wendigo as a prisoner, he wanted to help the man and get him through the stones.

Roger does have a big heart. He wants to believe the best in a lot of people. Despite everything he’s seen, he wants to believe there is good in the world.

Rob is certainly a charming man. He manages to get people to like him, just like many men like him do. Roger and Bree both fall for his charms. Just look at the way Rob and Bree connect over work. Rob finds a way into people’s lives, connecting with something and making it seem like he is interested in something that interests them. Do we really think that Rob was interested in the hymnals? There was something else he was looking for.

The books gives this a little more time

The show has had to condense a lot from the books. There is more time for Roger and Bree to get to know Rob Cameron, allowing them to trust him a little more. A lot is inferred in the series.

Rob’s nephew goes to the same school as Jemmy. While we haven’t seen the two boys hang out, we can believe that they would. There are strict rules to working with children, so the show would bring in as few as possible to manage situations easier, so a lot of childhood friendships are inferred.

We also know that Bree has Rob’s sister’s number. They’re friends enough to be able to call each other, further suggesting that the boys are friends. So, it would make sense for Rob to take the two boys to the movies.

Plus, while Rob was part of the crew who locked Bree in the tunnel, it seems like all that is water under the bridge. Bree found a way to prove herself, and it does seem like she’s gained the respect of the men. Whether she really has or not is another thing, but she believes that she has, and that’s going to go a long way to form bonds with those working underneath her.

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Roger and Bree trusting Rob wasn’t all that out of character when you consider everything together. Rob is just one of those men who charms himself into situations.

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