Where has Jemmy been taken in Outlander?

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Rob took Jemmy in Outlander Season 7, Episode 7. It looks like he’s gone through the stones, but what time period are the two in?

Caution: This post contains major spoilers from Outlander Season 7, Episode 7.

Mandy woke up screaming, saying that Jemmy was at the stones. Mandy could hear the sound of the stones and then Jemmy was just gone. Of course, Bree and Roger are sure that means Jemmy has been taken through the stones.

At one point, Roger did fear worse. He remembered that he’d written down about Geillis believing a blood sacrifice was needed. Was it possible that Rob had taken Jemmy to be the blood sacrifice to be able to travel through the stones? Finding Jemmy’s Tufty Club badge by the stones confirms that Jemmy wasn’t a blood sacrifice.

Where has Jemmy been taken in Outlander?

The question is where Jemmy now is. Where has Rob taken Jemmy to? Or more like when? We know how dangerous time travel is. If people don’t have the exact same destination in mind, it can lead to all sorts of trouble. Rob would have one destination while Jemmy could have another in an attempt to get to Claire and Jamie. This could have led to the two of them being separated.

That is if Rob has taken Jemmy through the stones anyway. We know that Jemmy can time travel, but can Rob? There is nothing to say that he is one of the time travelers, but that doesn’t mean he isn’t.

It is possible that Rob got Jemmy to the stones and found out that he couldn’t time travel? That could suggest that he’s had to take Jemmy somewhere else while he figures out what else to do. He won’t originally know that Mandy told Bree and Roger that he’s gone, so he may think  he has a bit of time.

Of course, the biggest question is what Rob wants. He’s read the letters, so that would suggest that he knows all about the gold. Is he going back in time for the gold? Why not have Jemmy take him to the location in the present day to see if it’s still there? Well, that would mean air travel, which would be harder to do, but there could be options. Rob hasn’t thought this all the way through, has he?

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