How did Bree and Roger have the money for Lallybroch in Outlander?

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Brianna and Roger bought Lallybroch in the 1980s in Outlander Season 7. Just how did they have the money for something like that?

The show (and the books, too) tend to leave some conversations up to the imagination. We’re left to infer things that have happened based on some of the words that are said between characters. That’s the case for Bree and Roger and their money situation when they get back to their own time period.

We can see they’re staying with Fiona and her husband at first, but they eventually buy Lallybroch. However, the original plan was for them to go back to Boston. Just how did they end up with the money to buy Lallybroch and then renovate it?

Brianna and Roger had money saved in Outlander

This is mostly inferred from a conversation between the couple. Bree says that they’ve used most of their savings to buy and renovate Lallybroch. Bree needs to start working to be able to afford the rest of the renovations and their day-to-day needs.

Where did the savings come from? We do need to remember that there was a home in Boston. When Bree went back to the past at first, she didn’t intend to stay. She wouldn’t have just forgotten about the house, so she could have sold it and saved the money or she could have had someone look after it. Claire’s words that she knew someone who could help Mandy inferred it was a doctor she worked with. That would likely be Joe, so maybe Joe looked after things while Bree went away.

Then there are the investments that Claire and Frank would have had. They were smart people with their money, and those investments would have been left to Bree.

Roger wasn’t all that poor. He was a professor at Oxford, so he would have made a good living. He would have likely had investments or at least savings. And Reverend Wakefield would have left everything to Roger, which could have included the manse, where Fiona is now living.

Roger, like Bree, didn’t go to the past with the intention of staying at first. He would have set things up so that he could return to his own time. It just happened years later.

We know that banks held onto things for a long time. Just look at the box of letters that had been stored for 200 years. So, we can believe that Bree and Roger had money they could have lived on for some time if it wasn’t for buying Lallybroch. That’s the money used to buy and renovate the ancestral home.

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