Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 142 breakdown

Outlander season 7
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Outlander season 7
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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Claire trying to forgive the man who raped her. It’s easier when she is thrown into family and work. Part of her work right now involves creating a paste to get rid of pinworms in toddlers. If only Jamie knew what Claire was doing with all that garlic!

The chapter than moves onto the two talking about the new house. While Claire is out picking strawberries, the two find themselves at the location of the new place. They are looking at the layout and discussing where Claire’s surgery should go. Claire points out that she needs to be able to see the emergencies that are coming to her, and that will affect the layout.

Jamie promises that Claire will have a house within a month. She’ll have a chimney by the winter. For a while, this makes Claire think about the war that is to come. This is peace for the time being.

A discussion of the war comes up when Jamie sees that Hiram Crombie has come to see them and is talking to Rachel. Jamie notices something in Claire shift, and he wonders if there’s something about the Revolutionary War that he needs to know. Claire makes it clear that her thoughts aren’t about that.

She doesn’t want to talk to him about that, though. She reminds him of the promise of secrets but not lies. This is just a secret to keep for now. Jamie thinks their relationship has changed since the wedding night, but Claire is still adamant about keeping this secret. He will allow it. For now.