How is Simon Fraser related to Jamie in Outlander Season 7?

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Outlander Season 7 has brought us another Simon Fraser, played by Angus Macfayden. How is this Simon Fraser related to Jamie?

We found out in the previous episode that Brigadier Simon Fraser was leading the British in the Siege of Fort Ticonderoga. We got a glimpse of him at the end of the episode, but this latest episode allowed us to meet him.

Angus Macfayden plays this role. This is definitely not the Simon Fraser we’ve met before. Jamie had already told Claire that it wasn’t The Old Fox or his son, but a different Simon from the family. This is what happens when the families chose the same names. It can be difficult to follow track of who is who.

How are Jamie and Simon Fraser related in Outlander Season 7?

This Simon Fraser is of Balnain. There is a connection to The Old Fox, who had a brother called Hugh. In real history, Hugh of Lovat passed on the lands to a man named Hugh Fraser. Yes, still very confusing! Hugh of Balnin had a son named Alexander Fraser, who had a son called Simon. This Simon Fraser of Balnain is the Simon who Macfayden plays in the series.

This Simon is the second cousin of Jamie. This is something that Jamie explains to Claire in Episode 5 of the season, but we don’t get the full understanding of who this man is.

In Episode 6, we see some interaction between Simon and William. Little do the two know, they’re related. Only we and a few select people know that.

Will Simon come up again in the story? You betcha he will. After all, the storyline at Fort Ticonderoga hasn’t completely finished just yet. There’s a battle to happen; the battle that we see in the trailer for the season.

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