Outlander spoilers: What to expect in Season 7, Episode 6 (Preview)

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Can you believe we have just three episodes of Outlander Season 7 left? Here are the Outlander spoilers you need for Season 7, Episode 6.

With just three episodes left, of course the drama is building up to a climax. We know from Claire that the American Revolutionary War is at a turning point. If things go according to history, this will be a point that helps the Americans win. However, could Claire and Jamie accidentally change things for the worse?

Meanwhile, we get to find out who the nuckelavee is in the 1980s. Who does Roger find sneaking around outside scaring the children?

Outlander spoilers: 7×06 promo

The promo focuses mostly on the American Revolutionary War storyline. We pick up where the previous episode left off with Jamie and Claire helping some civilians flee Fort Ticonderoga. They get to land, and Claire wants to know where they’re going now.

Jamie and Ian will distract the British soldiers for Claire to get everyone out. Is that really the way it will all play out, though? Ian makes it clear that the British will hang Jamie if they catch him, but he’s willing to put his life on the line again.

Scotland will need to wait. Jamie cannot leave the American people to fight themselves. And it seems that Rachel is trusting him—or maybe that’s meant to be about Ian.

We do get a small clip of William in his British uniform. It looks like he’s now at the fort.

Outlander spoilers: 7×06 synopsis

The synopsis doesn’t give a lot away. We know that Claire and Jamie will help the civilians get away from Fort Ticonderoga.

The next part of the synopsis tells us about Roger’s storyline. He will find out who this mysterious nuckelavee is. It’s clear from the trash being left around that it’s someone human. Could it be someone Bree works with, or is there another threat out there? Whoever it is, Roger is running toward someone with purpose in the trailer suggesting that he’s not going to let anyone hurt his family.

"Jamie and Claire help civilians flee Ticonderoga after the fort falls into British hands. Roger discovers the identity of the mysterious ‘Nuckelavee’."

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