3 best Roger moments in Outlander Season 7, Episode 5

Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 7 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

Roger shared just how proud of his wife he is in Outlander Season 7, Episode 5. Here are his best moments from the whole episode.

When Roger first got to the 20th century, he was a little lost in what to do with his life. He still somewhat is, but he’s making the most of being a stay-at-home dad. Plus, he has his guide for time travelers to write.

Earlier on, Roger showed just how small he felt when Bree went to work to provide for the family. That changed in the new episode as Bree faced her first day at work. It’s time to look back at the episode to share Roger’s best moments from “Singapore” in the order they happened.

Roger’s top moments from Outlander Season 7, Episode 5

Understanding Bree’s need to read the letter

Bree and Roger didn’t want to go through all the letters from Claire and Jamie. However, during the new episode, Bree had to read the next letter. She needed to feel close to her parents, despite knowing they’ve been dead for almost 200 years by this point.

Roger immediately understood. He didn’t judge her or discourage her. He didn’t even get her to open up more than she wanted to. All he did was support her in the need to read the letter. And of course, as a historian, he wanted to read where Claire and Jamie were and what they were doing at Fort Ticonderoga.

Not being mad at Jemmy

When Jemmy got home from school, he immediately went to where the ravens were kept at Lallybroch. Roger got him out as it wasn’t safe and then sat and chatted to his son. He needed to know what had happened for Jemmy to be so upset and not come up to the house.

That’s when he learned that Jemmy was disciplined at school for speaking Gaelic. There is definitely nothing wrong with it to Jemmy and Roger, but it’s viewed as something wrong in 1980s Scotland. There was a move to try to get rid of the language completely. We get to see Roger angry but not at his son. He’s able to hold back how he actually feels knowing that Jemmy needs him right now. He’s a great dad.

Showing Bree his support

I love the comments about Bree wearing her hard hat home. It’s clear that Roger is still attracted to his wife. What I loved the most, though, was him showing Bree just how much he respects her and Claire.

Bree seems almost ready to quit work on just her first day. She hated it, but Roger pointed out that Claire must have felt the same on her first day at Harvard Medical School. Bree deserves the position she’s in, and he apologizes for now being more supportive at first. He recognizes where he is wrong and is just there for his wife. He is the husband she needs right now, and he isn’t ashamed to be it.

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