Will the SAG-AFTRA strike affect Outlander Season 8?

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SAG-AFTRA members are now officially on strike. It’s not every single member of the union, though, as there are different contracts. Will it affect Outlander Season 8?

There are a lot of questions about productions across the world now that the SAG-AFTRA union is on strike. Not every single production has shut down. For example, House of the Dragon continues to film despite the strike because it’s not a SAG show. The UK union Equity is in charge.

So, what about Outlander Season 8? After all, we know that the series is not a SAG show. That’s something that is always mentioned when it comes to the SAG awards. Is it possible that Outlander Season 8 could keep going?

The writers strike has already affected Outlander Season 8

It’s all really a moot point. Outlander Season 8 is already going to be delayed due to the writers strike. While the series isn’t a SAG show, the writers for it at part of the WGA. They have been on strike since May 2023 and that strike continues.

Until the writers strike ends, there aren’t enough scripts. And no, Diana Gabaldon isn’t going to write them. Even if she isn’t affected by the WGA strike, taking on work that is usually done by WGA members would make her a scab, and she wouldn’t do that to the team.

Outlander promotion could come to an end

Caitriona Balfe is a member of SAG, and I do believe Sam Heughan is too. There may be other members of the Outlander cast who are members of the union. The union has encouraged members who can to strike in solidarity even if they’re not working on a SAG production. That could mean we see Balfe and others cut back on the promotion of Outlander Season 7 in solidarity of those striking.

This doesn’t mean everyone will cut back promotion. Those who aren’t members aren’t encouraged to. However, they may choose to if they want to support their SAG-AFTRA friends and counterparts.

This isn’t going to affect Outlander Season 7A too much now as we’re already so far into the season. It could affect Outlander Season 7B. It’s not going to affect Season 8 as the show can’t film anyway. What it could affect is Men in Kilts Season 2 promotion if Heughan and Graham McTavish strike in solidarity.

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