Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 134 breakdown

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Outlander season 7
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The chapter starts with William and Jamie returning to Claire with news of Jane. The next morning, William brings Fanny to Jamie and Claire, with Jamie promising to take her in. William would like to claim Jane’s body, but that isn’t possible. Jamie can help with that as Fanny is here.

In fact, Claire takes Fanny to Colonel Campbell to claim Jane’s body, but Fanny is angry at the colonel. Fortunately, Lord John Grey is also there with the aim to claim Jane’s body, too. He manages to do it, and he promises Fanny a buriel in a quiet cemetery. It’s a private family one that the family has kindly agreed to being used, and Jamie is the one who performs a Gaelic prayer to lay Jane to rest as there is no priest or minister around.

Claire uses this opportunity to catch John up on everything that has happened. She warns John that Richardson has switched sides and knows that John is gay. She also tells John that Amaranthus is in Saperville.

With that, Claire reiterates that they will take Fanny in and raise her at the Ridge. That’s where she and Jamie are now ready to go to. They will also take Germain, which Marsali agrees to. She wants Germain safe away from the war.

It is a sad chapter as we see families separated again. I do feel for Germain, who is still dealing with the grief of Henri-Christian’s death and he blames himself. However, everyone is right. The Ridge is a safer place for him right now.