Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 133 breakdown

Outlander season 7
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Outlander season 7
Outlander season 7 /

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The chapter starts with Claire and Jamie being woken by someone banging on their door. It’s William, who wants Jamie’s help to get to Jane. John and Hal can’t help, but Jamie doesn’t have as much to lose.

He and William head to the house where Jane is being kept. As Jamie breaks in through a window, he explains that Bree taught him how to do this. William is shocked to find out that he has a sister. Oh, how exciting this is for William to see his family grow even though he is still angry and confused about the whole situation. The fact that he doesn’t get angry shows that he is coming to terms with the situation. Again, I really don’t get why people call him a brat because I don’t see it.

Anyway, by the time Jamie and William get to Jane, it’s too late. She has killed herself. William and Jamie do their best to lay her to some sort of rest in the room, and Jamie takes a lock of Jane’s hair for Fanny. She will want something to remember her sister by.

Something I did love with this chapter is that Jamie put on his highland dress to help William. It was like he knew he needed to go into some sort of battle.

The chapter ends with William looking back on some of his memories. One of those is how William was there in Simon Fraser’s last moments, and now he realizes that Simon was his kinsman as well as Jamie’s.