Outlander spoilers: What to expect in Season 7, Episode 5 (Preview)

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Bree and Roger find out that Claire and Jamie are at Fort Ticonderoga. Here are all the Outlander spoilers you need for Season 7, Episode 5.

There are just four episodes left until another Droughtlander begins. This season is not holding back in goodbyes and action, and Episode 5 is no different. While Bree and Roger seem safe in the 20th century, they have their own trials and tribulations to deal with. For Bree, it’s all about telling men what to do as a woman.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire need to deal with the siege on Fort Ticonderoga. Of course, Claire faces a surgeon who thinks he knows what he’s doing, and Jamie will need to command the respect of those above him.

It’s time to break down the trailer and synopsis to see what we can expect in the new episode.

Outlander spoilers: 7×05 promo

The promo gives us a look at what’s to come with some voiceovers. Bree and Roger have opened another letter, and it looks like Claire has written this one. The two need to figure out how the Frasers have ended up at Fort Ticonderoga of all places.

We will also see Bree deal with the men at the plant. She has the job of Plant Inspector, but that doesn’t mean anyone will listen to her. They’re sure to put her through some things to prove she’s worthy.

In the past, we’ll see Claire deal with another man who thinks he’s a better surgeon purely because he’s a man.

Outlander spoilers: 7×05 synopsis

The synopsis goes into minimal details of what to expect. Jamie and Claire are getting ready for the siege. They know that the British will attack, and they need to make sure the fort is ready for them as much as possible.

In the 20th century, Roger continues to put together the guide for time travelers. We know he’s doing this for his children, but we’re sure to see more time travelers over the years. Is this a good idea, though?

Then there’s the bit about Bree as she commands the respect of those working underneath her. It’s not going to be easy.

"At Ticonderoga, Jamie and Claire prepare for an imminent British assault. Roger compiles information about time travel while Brianna earns the respect of her coworkers."

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