5 best moments from Outlander Season 7, Episode 4

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Outlander season 7
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2. William showing us who he really is

At the start of the episode, William is with one of his friends in the Army. They’re discussing about where they’re going, and it turns out that William hasn’t got his orders yet. Well, he gets them in the episode, and it’s his actions one night that potentially lead to those actions.

While most of the soldiers watch as another soldier sets a prostitute on fire, William steps in to try to help her. He puts out the fire, but it’s too late. The woman has died. What we do see is that this one man is willing to stand up against a larger group for what he believes is right. He is just like Lord John and Jamie put together.

1. THAT kiss

Okay, my favorite moment of Outlander Season 7, Episode 4 is the kiss. Tom Christie and Claire bump into each other while in Wilmington. He immediately grabs her and kisses her. And yes, this is straight from the book.

Claire’s face is a picture, but I also love that we see Tom let all his guards down. He was at peace believing that Claire to have died. The love of his life is gone, and while that’s sad, it means he doesn’t have to picture her with Jamie. However, now she’s here. While he’s happy about that, it also means that she will haunt him because he knows he can’t have her.

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