5 best moments from Outlander Season 7, Episode 4

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4. Meeting the Hunters

I adored the first meeting of the Hunters. Young Ian finds out where they are because William needs a surgeon immediately. We see both Denny and Rachel in their element, stepping in to help without question of what happened to William.

One thing that is clear is that Denny is a man who knows his stuff. He doesn’t just cut for the sake of it. Once he realized he could save William’s arm, he did so. Then there’s the clear attraction between Rachel and Young Ian. This episode certainly sets up a love triangle with William, though.

3. Getting to Fort Ticonderoga

Jamie wanted to avoid the Revolutionary War, but that isn’t going to happen. He has been conscripted into the Continental Army, and now he’s heading to Fort Ticonderoga. In fact, we see it at the very end of the episode.

Despite Jamie not wanting to fight, he knows that arguing aginst being conscripted is not a good idea. He wasn’t going to put Claire and Ian at risk. And I love that Ian makes it clear that he wants to fight for this country anyway. We just know what this means for Jamie facing William on the battlefield.