Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 130 breakdown

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The chapter starts with Claire deciding that it’s time to make ether. She needs to be able to treat Sophronia. It’s going to be dangerous, but she finds a shed where she can make the ether and heads out to an apothecary. Of course, all of this is going to be without Jamie’s knowledge. Secrets but not lies.

While at the apothecary, she gets talking to a grandfather and grandson. They bring up Amaranthus Cowden Grey, who has ordered some items from the shop. Of course, Claire wants to get as many details as she can. She knows that William is looking for this woman, and she likely wants to help get to the bottom of the Benjamin Grey situation at the same time. Claire doesn’t like drama, but she does like to solve a mystery.

After this, the grandfather and grandson want to know why Claire would want oil of vitriol. It’s dangerous. When she shares that she wants to make ether, they question why. It turns out that there is plenty of that because it’s used to treat seasickness. One of the good things about the British sailors coming over is that there’s no ether in the area.