Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 128 breakdown

Outlander season 7 streaming June 16 on STARZ.
Outlander season 7 streaming June 16 on STARZ. /
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Just the Outlander chapter

The chapter starts with Jamie waking Claire to tell him about the British in the port. Claire works out that if the British take Savannah, they have a good way into Georgia and Florida. Claire and Jamie need to figure out if they should stay put or flee. They can’t travel to the Ridge yet due to the weather, so they decide to hide their valuables in Claire’s surgery and wait it out.

General Howe turns up wanting Jamie to return to the Continental Army. He is with Richardson, who is now a Colonel in the Continental Army. Only Claire recognizes him at this point.

Jamie refuses to come back to the Army. When Howe and Richardson are gone, Rachel notes that Jamie did the right thing. Jamie makes it clear that his reasons not to fight don’t align with the Quaker reasons, but Rachel doesn’t care about that. It all leads to the same thing. Jamie isn’t fighting.

Now Claire can bring up Richardson. They all have a discussion about William, who is looking for Ben. They wonder if William knows that Richardson has changed sides. Has he really changed sides? Is it possible that he’s acting as a double agent? There are so many questions about this man.