Outlander Season 6 is not coming to Netflix in July 2023

Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ
Outlander Season 6 -- Courtesy of Robert Wilson/STARZ /

As much as we would love the surprise, it’s bad news. Outlander Season 6 is not on the list of Netflix releases in July 2023.

There is absolutely no doubt that a lot of Outlander fans are waiting for all the seasons to be available on Netflix. This will help to cut down the amount of subscription services we need. Well, you’ll need to keep your STARZ subscription for a little while longer if you want to watch every season of the series so far.

The Netflix releases for July are out and our favorite time-travel drama is not on the list. While Outlander Season 7 airs on STARZ, we are still waiting for Season 6 to head to Netflix. That wait is going to be a wee bit longer.

When will Outlander Season 6 come to Netflix?

As of right now, we’re not expecting Outlander Season 6 to come to Netflix until May 1, 2024. Yes, May 1 next year.

Previous seasons have come to Netflix two years after the finales have aired. This is only for the U.S. platform. Other countries have different rules, so please stop with the “well, we have it in [insert not a U.S. country here].”

Will Outlander Season 7 come to Netflix?

Of course, while we wait for Season 6, we also need to look at whether Season 7 will head to Netflix. The contracts could change by the time it comes to Season 7 heading to Netflix, but for now, let’s say the season will head there.

What we don’t know is whether the season will drop in two parts. After all, there’s going to be a long break between the two halves of Season 7. That could lead to us getting the first eight episodes in August 2025 and then the second eight episodes sometime in 2026. Phew! That’s a long way away to even worry about right now.

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Outlander is available in full on STARZ.