Outlander Book Club: Written in My Own Heart’s Blood Chapter 122 breakdown

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Just the Outlander chapter

It is a very short chapter as Marsali, Fergus, and their children get ready to leave Philadelphia with the rest of the family. They have decided that it doesn’t matter why the fire happened. Finding out the truth isn’t going to bring Henri-Christian back.

While usually I would agree with that, the fire was an attempt to kill more people than just Henri-Christian. Whoever did it either wanted to scare Fergus and his family away, or they wanted Fergus and his family dead. Surely they would want to know the truth to know if it was just the fact that they were printers or if there is something more personal in the matter.

However, the focus has to be on laying Henri-Christian to rest before leaving for Fraser’s Ridge. Ian has just the place and takes everyone to a clearing in the forest. There are two cairns and a smaller one with a headstone for Rollo. This is where Henri-Christian needs to be. The two souls will be in Heaven together.

This place is extremely special for Ian. It’s where he also grieved the loss of Jenny and Jamie when he believed them dead. I just love that Ian has taken on this role as a leader of the family, and that everyone is accepting that role.

To end the chapter, Ian cuts his wrist and allows some blood to drop onto Henri-Christian’s coffin. Marsali takes the knife after that, and I’m assuming the majority of them would have gone through with the blood-letting ritual. While some may find it odd for the time period, blood rituals have been a long part of the books. Jamie and Claire had one at their wedding, while Roger does it with Jemmy. This is a way to keep them with Henri-Christian in death to know that he is not alone.